I am so excited to announce the start of a wonderful community for the bohemian makers and bloggers to come together online! As both a bohemian maker & blogger, I always find it a little difficult to discover others like myself who want to meet and make connections. I want to find
people who are interested in building a beautiful community, to help each other grow, and make friends along the way!

This idea started with the BohoGypsyLove Instagram page, where myself and fellow lover of all things bohemian (Vanessa Aristide of Crafturday) share beautiful images, along with positive messages. My hope is to continue to grow this account to share other brands with a large community who would be excited and embrace their creativity.

But now, I have created a Facebook group where bohemian bloggers and makers can communicate and share their creations more easily! I’ve even added a bohemian shop & bohemian blog directory where anyone can find these wonderfully diverse makers and shakers. For now, everything is just at the start and beginning to grow, but I know we can make it an amazing place, together. 🙂