Today marks the first day of fall this year which means today is also the autumnal equinox. This equinox roughly marks the halfway point until the winter solstice which is in December. 

An equinox is usually known by the fact that the day and night are exactly 12 hours each. But actually, most people will not see the full 12 hours of sunup and sundown. This is mostly because the world is not flat, and trees/hills/mountains obstruct our view. 

In some places you may not even notice any type of change in the weather until October or November. But, the mark of the seasons is determined by the relative position of the earth to the sun and not when it starts “feeling” cooler. 

Since fall brings about change, it would be a good idea to try and change your lifestyle if you have unhealthy habits. Cleanse your body of negativity by taking a swim outdoors, and reflect on what positivity you’d like to bring into your life to better yourself. 

So get ready for some positive change & sweater weather because fall is finally here!