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Yesterday, we had our very last full moon (and super moon) of 2016. Full moon nights are the best times for contemplation, reflection, and release as the moon sheds light (figuratively & literally) on your life. The moon reveals to us what was hidden in the shadows and brings them into light so it can come into focus and we may acknowledge it.

Being that the year is also coming to an end makes this the most opportune time to begin reflecting on ourselves and our lives. Another revolution around the earth is coming close to completion and we are another year older (and hopefully wiser!) Think about where you were and where you are now. What has changed? How far have you come or gone back? Take a step back and visualize your year in review. Realize that wherever you are now, new beginnings are just around the corner.

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With reflection, comes release. No matter if this year has been extremely rough, amazing, or nothing special, know that changes are always ahead. Release any unwanted thoughts, energies, and feelings you have. Release old habits and even relationships that are toxic and no longer wanted / needed. A new year is ahead with a huge new beginning. Reflect and release the unwanted feelings and energies of 2016 so that you may open up 2017 to new possibilities filled with positivity and love.

Know that the Universe is always trying to work with us so that we can realize our life purpose and live the life of our dreams. (Even though sometimes it feels like it’s against us.) It’s up to us to have faith and keep looking forward. Accept that good & bad things happen that are out of our control. They do not always happen for a good reason, sometimes things just happen. Learn to stay strong and move forward with positivity and love in your heart.

What do you do to help you meditate & reflect?
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