2014 has come and gone more quickly than I would have expected, leaving hardly any time to reflect on the things I’ve done, and wanted to do. With this in mind, it got me to thinking, all of the things that I didn’t do because I was too afraid or didn’t have the time to do doesn’t matter anymore. That was the past, and now it’s a new year, opening us up to endless possibilities. We create our future and the life we want to lead.

So to start this new year off right, there are four simple things that we must do:

  1. Make the time. 
    It’s not up to if we have enough time, it’s up to if we want to make time. More often than not, we say that we don’t have the time to accomplish some of our resolutions, but in reality, we don’t make the time. If we truly want something, we’ll go out and get it.
  2. Live in the present, and forget the past.
    (unless of course you are reminiscing on wonderful memories)
    Don’t stress about the future, and don’t dwell on the past, live in the now.
  3. Let go of fear.
    One of the main reasons why we don’t do what we really want to do is because of fear. It is okay to be scared at times, but never let it hold you back from doing something completely amazing that could change your life and your future experiences for the better.
  4. Let in love.
    Every person on this planet has to have at least one person that loves them. Show others love, and it will only bring more love and happiness into your life.
Follow these simple steps, and you’re setting yourself up to one great year filled with so much joy and lots of opportunities! If you’re ever faced with something you’re too afraid to try, just think about how long we are here on this earth, and that should remind you that we can’t afford to waste time or be afraid when happiness is the final reward.
Have a wonderful 2015
❀ Riah ❀