I am so very excited to announce The Wanderful Soul + Curious Prints collaboration! A couple of years ago, I had designed four pieces which I had intended to print. My goal was to have them printed on canvas paper, and hang them from a piece of wood, inspired by the vintage pull

down charts & posters used in classrooms. Seeing the actual cost of having them printed in bulk deterred me for a few years. Thankfully, I met Kate from Curious Prints last December, where we were both vending at the Christmas edition of the Fine Goods Pop-Up. The fates were on my side, as she sold restored vintage prints with my exact vision in mind, so I was determined to collaborate! I’m so happy Kate & I were able to work together, and introduce to you:

The Wanderful Soul + Curious Prints: Polymineral Collection

These four prints are original designs that I have created. I photographed crystal specimens at my local natural history museum, and digitally altered them to give off an illustrative effect. I then built various polyhedrons around the minerals, demonstrating the connection between geometry and crystals. Thus, naming them the Polymineral Collection.
Find them in both of our shops!
Which is your favorite? Let me know what you think in the comments below!