After years of pulling and ripping in the process of de-tangling, I thought, “enough is enough,” and decided to stop brushing my hair and put down the bristles for good. My hair is naturally wavy / curly, making it more prone to knots and tangles. I
thought my hair would be a complete mess without brushing it daily, but I decided to just give it a try and I’m so glad I did!

Initially, I had stopped brushing my hair while on my Mediterranean cruise because I ran out of a conditioner that detangles hair, making brushing a disaster. After showering, my hair would get so tangled, running a brush through felt (and sounded) terrible as hairs were being ripped off of my head. It even seemed like more knots were forming in an attempt to rid the original tangles!

When I stopped brushing my hair, I noticed that my hair seemed to have more fullness and volume to it. I would normally only brush my hair while it was slightly wet, and this seemed to have smoothed my hair down, making it more flat. I also noticed that with the volume came a more natural look. My curls and waves seemed to be more prominent, giving me the look I had been after all of the years. And even more surprising, my hair was not riddled with knots. Quite the opposite actually, knots seemed to be at a minimum and my hair did not look like a crazy mess (which I was afraid of!)

It has been a little over of a month since I have stopped brushing my hair and it has definitely started to look healthier. I have noticed less damage and more volume, as well as softness, which is a plus! I shower & wash my hair regularly, towel dry, air dry, shake it out, and voila!

Everyone’s hair is of course different, but I definitely recommend giving it a try for at least a week. See how your mane looks, you never know, you might be surprised with the outcome like I was!


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